Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beautiful outside again!

Wow...I'm thinking it's been so nice that we're going to pay for all this early spring weather! It's coming......we just don't know when.

So....we did it. We bought Chasey a bearded dragon yesterday. I'm still having mixed feelings and doubts....I hope it holds her interest long enough to make the HIGH COST worth it. I wish kids understood the value of money, but I know that's asking too much. But she understands that this living creature is her responsibility. The cricket feeding, p00p cleaning, playing and interacting with it. I honestly never thought I'd touch a lizard, but it just feels like a basketball. And he is a pretty sweet little guy. I do understand however, that he will grow to almost 2 feet long. EEEEK! She named him Eragon, like the movie, which is a good dragon name.

Soooo....eating, for being in the city all day yesterday, I think I did pretty good. The scale will tell tomorrow!

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